About forging of Kyoei

Forging is a manufacturing technique to form metals by heating and hammering them.

One of the major examples of forging is the making of Japanese swords.
At Kyoei Forging Works, we integrate traditional technological capability and up-to-date technology and facilities to manufacture items with complicated shapes, keeping strength as forged items. We manufacture a wide variety of machinery parts like conveying parts, auto parts, and large agricultural machinery parts. We offer our customers high quality products by conducting strict quality inspections multiple times.

POINT 01 Advanced forging technique and up-to-date facilities

We integrated the forging technique of 90 years and up-to-date technology and facilities.

POINT 02 We respond to a wide variety of requests

By forging by utilizing technology and facilities, we are available for complicated shapes thought to be difficult to make.

POINT 03 Quality management by multiple strict inspections

We conduct strict inspections multiple times to achieve high quality standard.

Product processing of forging items

Let us introduce the process of how one product is completed by forging. At Kyoei Forging Works, we start from designing the products and creating tooling, and with our accumulated technological capability and facilities, forging processing is conducted. Our processing department handles flexibly the shapes and sizes that are difficult to be handled done by forging. After conducting multiple strict inspections and finishing, high quality products are delivered to the customers.

  1. Tooling creation
  2. Forging
  3. Machining
  1. Heat treatment
  2. Inspections
  3. Shipping

Facilities of Kyoei Forging Works

At Kyoei Forging Works, we adopt the most advanced machinery and equipment to conduct high accuracy manufacturing. Please see our facilities that can do different types of works from designing and making molds to manufacturing.

About new factory

A hybrid forging factory, where friendliness to the environment of surrounding areas and productivity coexist

Forging noise is about the same level as engines of jet airplanes and its vibration corresponds to the seismic intensity of 4.
Our factory has special structure for specializing in suppressing noise and vibration by using airdrop hammer.
It is an innovative noise and vibration controled factory that is attracting attention both domestically and internationally.

List of facilities

  • Machining center
  • Crank press
  • Knuckle press
  • Air drop hammer
  • High frequency induction heating furnace
  • Automated warehouse system

List of facilities

ForgingHigh speed airdrop hammerN800P(3.0t)1NSC (Nittan Sakae Corporation)
High speed airdrop hammerN550P(2.0t)1NSC (Nittan Sakae Corporation)
High speed airdrop hammerN500P(1.75t)1NSC (Nittan Sakae Corporation)
High speed airdrop hammerN350P(1.25t)2NSC (Nittan Sakae Corporation)
Trimming press125~200t5NSC (Nittan Sakae Corporation)
High frequency induction heating furnace200~350kw5Uchino
Screw engine compressor150~165kw12Hokuetsu Industries
Shearing press100t,200t2Endo, KS-TECH
MoldsVertical type milling cutter#1 ½~#42Makino, OKK
Horizontal type milling cutter#41OKK
Numerical control milling cutter#3 PRM3V, Rakuraku Mill 1OKK
Machining center#5~#5 1/2 VM5Ⅲ,VM660R2OKK
Numerical control electrical discharge machiningC4-M55K,C7-M55J2Mitsubishi Electric
Numerical control wire electrical discharge machiningSP43,DU0432Makino
Vertical type machining centerV-55,V-56,V-56i3Makino
Surface grinding machine#2,#42Mitsui High-tec, Nikko
Radial arm drill pressTRD-800C1TOA
Tabletop drill pressKRDG-340FB1KIRA
Automated warehouse systemON-S-132P1Daifuku
3D CAD/CAMEVC110,PC3Euklid
2D CAD/CAMMYPAC, Compact CAM2Kuraki, Procast
ProcessingAutomatic feeding drill pressADF-410,KRDG-420P5Ashina, KIRA
Knuckle press300~600ton4Komatsu Industries
Vertical type milling cutter#326OKK
Crank press70t~120t5Komatsu Industries
Servo press150t1Amada
Link processing machineZR-6P1Fujiya Seisakujo
Inspection and finishingContinuous magnetic particle inspection equipmentH-81Denshijiki Industry
Microscope (metallograph)VHX-950F1Keyence
Rockwell hardness tester3R1Imai Testing Machine
Brinell hardness testerNBH-31Nakai Precision Machinery
Shot blast machine200~12004Sintokogio
Corrosion inhibitor conveyor lineMZC, MLC TYPE6Mesh Giken
Riveting machineUS series, MB-O/1004Yoshikawa Iron Works, Techno Marushichi
3D measuring machineHand hold probe CMM XM-1500,YL-3502Keyence
3D printer203(W)×203(D)×152(H)mm1Keyence
The mobile pallet racking system468 Pallet1Daifuku